Earned Value Training


Earned Value Scope

First, difine your target market.


Earned Value Schedule

Second, research your prospects. Know who you want to speak with and their needs.


Earned Value Cost

Lastly, execute your telemarketing plan. Contact your prospects and deliver your pitch.

Telemarketing Training

Corporation Associates telemarketing training is the first of a series in our sales training.

Sales professionals around the world attend our training. The information available online makes helps the sales professional win sale after sale. Let us teach you how.

Instructor Led Courses - First in series


Our Telemarketing Preparation course discusses the essential preparation prior to calling prospects. We go into a discussion on classifing leads as warm or cold. What is the difference and how do you advance a lead prior to calling. Should you buy a list of leads, create a reliable set of sources for leads, or create a network of referrals. We discuss how leads from different industries have unique challenges and how your research will help you advance to getting your message in front of decision makers. We close with talking about the larger the company, the greater the pool of decision makers. How you can work your way through the mix of managers to help you get to a yes.

Your Suit of Armor

Our course on resilience discusses the calls that you will make. We go into rejection and how to prepare to reduce the "no's" that are common in your role. What can you do to keep on track? We will discuss creating goals and working to achieve those goals. Our course will help you team gain confidence with gate keepers and the "C" Suite. Our armor course will help you build momentum to keep the pipeline full. Lastly, we will discuss the questions to ask that will help you get to closing deals.

Prepare for Objections

Our objections course will help your team identify objections and the follow-up questions to ask to uncover the real reasons for receiving a roadblock. How do you handle objections? Learn to work with decision makers to create a solution that fits for a closing deal. Our courses discusses how to build value for your brand, along with the product that you sell. Value is key. Never compete on price. We teach you to present yourself as a professional. Your role is to create revenue, not to give away product.

The Call

Our course on calling discusses first, knowing the objective of your call. Your goal is to Place calls. Are you on an information gathering mission? Or, are you calling to set a meeting / webinar with a prospect. There are different call types. You must know the outcome you want before placing all calls. Our course discussions will help you to know where to start with your leads. How do you know when you are wasting your time? How to know your next move. We will discuss how to keep advancing to close the deal. What questions do you want to ask that are helpful while which questions are just time wasters.